About Us


NTAW Holdings Ltd’s focus is on adding value and delivering an outstanding customer and consumer experience. They supply the latest generation of tyres and wheels to consumers through retail partners together with service excellence underpinned by passionate and experienced employees.


Tyres are the single most important safety feature on a motor vehicle. Expertise matters and NTAW Holdings Ltd has been helping retailers and consumers make informed tyre and wheel purchases since 1989.


NTAW Holdings Ltd’s mission is to build brands that will grow to become category leaders with high demand from both consumers and retailers. They will do this by creating a company that is sought after, both to do business with and to work for.

NTAW Holdings Ltd’s Purpose

National Tyre & Wheel Holdings Limited (NTAW Holdings Ltd) is the largest independent tyre and wheel importer and distributor in Australia and New Zealand, with a related wholesale business in South Africa.

With 23 distribution centres and 900 employees servicing over 4,000 B2B customers and thousands of consumers, NTAW Holdings Ltd provides nearly 3 million tyre and wheel solutions each year, focused on delivering outstanding customer experiences. NTAW Holdings Ltd’s vision is to Lead the tyre and wheel industry in digital transformation. NTAW Holdings Ltd will harness technology to deliver innovative value-adding solutions for all stakeholders.

NTAW Holdings Ltd builds mutually beneficial relationships that inspires loyalty from all stakeholders, creating outstanding experiences for our customers, providing satisfying well-paid jobs for our people, surpassing expectations of our suppliers to deliver superior returns to our shareholders.

Focusing on excellence, NTAW Holdings Ltd is building a state of the art, adaptable IT platform that can deliver these outcomes. NTAW Holdings Ltd owns ten businesses, each having a leading position in a segment of the tyre and wheel market.

NTAW Holdings Ltd History

NTAW Holdings Ltd owns eleven business, each having a leading position in a segment of the tyre and wheel market.

Operating business units are supported by shared services – finance & administration, people & culture, marketing and supply chain & logistics.

Each business is focussed on addressing the unique needs of customers in B2B end user, B2B re-seller and B2C channels.

Each of these businesses has a long history of successful trading – Exclusive Tyre Distributors and Tyres4U have both been supplying solutions to customers for more than 30 years.

The founders of NTAW Holdings Ltd businesses have in many ways reshaped the industry and most of them remain active in the management of NTAW Holdings Ltd to this day. NTAW Holdings Ltd’s passion to embark on transformational journeys because we believe in driving the future not just imagining it, is a powerful legacy left by the founding fathers of our businesses.

Distribution Platform

NTAW Holdings Ltd has the largest independent tyre and wheel wholesale distribution platform in Australia and New Zealand.

NTAW Holdings Ltd owns or licenses over 100 tyre specialty retail stores operating as Tyreright (Australia) and Carter’s (New Zealand). This retail distribution platform is enhanced by over 500 affiliate retailers providing fulfilment services for NTAW Holdings Ltd customers.

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Culture, Environment, Social & Governance

NTAW Holdings Ltd has a culture of decency, innovation, collaboration and energy. This culture reflects the origins of business units which at one point were all start ups adopting high growth strategies.

NTAW Holdings Ltd is also committed to environmental sustainability through procurement principles, waste disposal methods and by directly operating five retreading factories in Australia and New Zealand. Retreading reduces emissions, waste and depletion of natural resources. A new truck tyre requires 86 litres of crude oil and 69kg of raw material whereas a retread only requires 26 litres and 19kg respectively (a ~70% saving) – creating a multiplier effect as truck tyres can achieve more than one retread. More than 85% of NTAW’s manufacturing process waste is reprocessed.

NTAW Holdings Ltd cares for the communities in which it operates, supporting customers with local sponsorships as well as charitable donations. NTAW Holdings Ltd offers flexible working conditions, including work from home opportunities wherever possible.

NTAW Holdings Ltd adheres to best practice governance as a Company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange – reports and copies of governance policies are available at ntawholdings.com.au.