Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQ page to assist you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or would require more information, please contact us at admin@NTAW.com.au or 1800 681 298.

National Tyre & Wheel, or NTAW, is a group of tyre and wheel wholesale businesses focused on delivering a range of premium tyre and wheel brands to tyre retailers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Their mission is to build brands that will grow to become category leaders with high demand from both consumers and retailers. Find out more about NTAW here.

NTAW has a corporate head office in Brisbane, with 26 distribution centres (together with 4 subcontracted warehouses) in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

NTAW supplies a range of premium tyres and wheels for 4WD, SUV and passenger cars to consumers via retail networks. NTAW also supplies value added services to customers, including technical and sales training, co-op advertising, delivery services, data analytical tools, design services, merchandising support and fitment advice.

NTAW has a large group of accredited dealers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Call or email us to discuss your product needs.

In the Contact Us subject, type in Dealer Enquiry and the information you provide us will be sent to the appropriate state department who will contact you directly.